What services do we offer the Dogs of our shelter clients

  • Spay/Neuter Services
  • Low Cost Veterinary Clinic
  • Accreditation for Service Animals or Emotional Service Dogs
  • Pet Food Pantry for the Community
  • Free Wellness Services
  • Free Behavior Training:

Training offers more than the ability to have your dog sit on command or correct bad behaviors. It establishes a bond between you and your dog and develops the respect that is needed for a healthy relationship. It also increases your dog’s confidence and understanding of what is expected of him. We know your relationship with your dog is important to you. It’s our goal to see that you have a long and happy life together. We offer the pet owner various training programs depending on the needs of you and your dog. Our extensive experience in evaluating your dog’s character allows us to apply the proper training methods in order to achieve success.  We offer the following training curriculum and protocols for your selection:

Learn to Train Your Own Dog

Prevent bad habits before they start!

You and your puppy spend a private 1-hour session with a professional trainer learning the basics of raising a puppy. Leash training, housebreaking and diet are all covered.  Designed for puppies 2-4 months of age.
Group Training Classes
Alongside other students and their owners, you and your dog are trained in six (6) weekly one hour group sessions, under the instruction and guidance of a professional trainer. The curriculum is highly concentrated and only a daily 30 minute workout is necessary between classes.
Private Instruction & Lessons
Throughout the course of six (6) weeks, both you and your dog are trained weekly under the instruction and guidance of a professional trainer. Being a highly-concentrated curriculum, only a daily thirty-minute workout between lessons is needed at home to develop a well-mannered and obedient dog. 

Group Training Classes & Private Instruction & Lesson Sessions:
We include video and equipment Dogs must be properly inoculated to attend all training sessions/classes Minimum age is 4 months Training is conducted in our 2000 square foot training arena Group Training Classes are held Thursday 7pm and Saturday 10am Private Instruction & Lessons are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Professional Dog Training Have your dog trained professionally by us at our facility.  He or she can either live with us for the duration of training, or can be picked up at the end of each day and brought back in the morning (for those less eager to leave their dog overnight!).  Sessions are also included to instruct the owner on proper handling of their dog, and take place once the professional training course is complete.  Tuition includes video and professional equipment Minimum age is six (6) months Dogs must be properly inoculated to participate in Professional Dog Training Plus, the cost of in-house boarding when applicable (all breeds) Offering Professional Dog Training in 1-4 Week Sessions: Four Week Professional Dog Training  On & Off Leash
Two Week Professional Dog Training   On Leash Training Only

Dog Grooming: We offer a complete grooming facility for your convenience.  Our grooming salon is equipped to groom dogs of all varieties and our grooming staff is qualified for all breed grooming and trims. Whether your pet is a Labrador Retriever or a Standard Poodle, our experienced staff prides itself on making their clients look their best. 

Cedar Grove, New Jersey Dog & Cat Grooming

Dogs are always groomed correctly to the AKC standards, however, we can style your pet any way that you desire.  We offer bathing, brushing and dematting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, blow drying, flea and tick treatments by certified pesticide applicators, even dying and toe nail polish if you so desire.

Doggy Daycare: Our number one priority is the safety & well-being of your pet.

In addition to comfortable, climate-controlled areas with flat-screen TVs and plush bedding for those who like to relax.

Our facility is under constant video surveillance for the safety and assurance of our guests. All play sessions are closely monitored.

Because of this we require that all dogs are:

Playful & closely monitored environments are a result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits.
If you have an active, social dog who needs to stay busy & loves attention come pay us a visit!

All Food & medications (if needed) for daycare must be listed so we can supply your furbaby with the basics to maintain good health.

If your Furbabies are not vaccinated or spayed or neutered or have any of the 3 vaccinations required, until they have that we will keep them separate as not to affect the ones that do have all their shots


Pet Supplies

24hr x7 Veterinarian on duty as well as nurse


• Our facilities are kept comfortable,clean, & fun at all times

• Over 2000 sq feet for your pups to run & play

• The Facility is completely structured with your pets safety & happiness in mind & for controlled play

– Facility has two separate ares for medium-large sized dogs & small-medium size pups with ample room to run & jump & plenty of comfortable benches to rest

• We are obsessive about cleanliness, we have a “30 second rule” for cleaning up after dogs.

• Our facilities are completely air conditioned with comfortable filtered temperatures all year round.

• We are open 365 days of the year providing a consistent pet care service especially throughout ALL major holidays & weekends

•   We maintain a safeclean & playful daycare environment

• There is fresh water & bowls for our dogs at all times.

• Daily, three to four elimination breaks outside included in the daily rate (weather permitting)

• Our daycare is supervised at all times by staff who serve as pack leaders

We believe it’s essential for the safety & happiness of the dogs that supervisors know how to handle not just individual dogs, but dogs in a pack.

• Loads of fun playing, socializing, and making new friends  

Supervised by highly trained & loving staff, at a ratio of 1 staff for every 12 pets 

• Meals served as requested 
We require each pet to pass a temperament test

Why daycare?

• Dogs are pack animals by nature and love socializing and playing with others.

• Your dog will get plenty of physical & mental exercise, contributing to their overall health & well-being.

• After a fun-filled day with us, your dog will have less excess energy & will be ready for calm, quality time at home with you

All dogs in our daycare must pass a thorough behavioral assessment test, helping to ensure your dog will be playing with

other healthy, happy, well-behaved dogs.