What will we offer our guests during their Stay:

A Private room with King Bed, Flatscreen TV, Toiletries, Private bathroom and shower:

A/C in every room as well as a sink and a mini fridge for medications to be stored.

Daily Housekeeping

3 cooked meals daily

Laundry facility on Site where we will do the laundry for you at no cost to you

Computer Lab for Training with Department of Labor Retraining to better jobs

Doggy Day Care

24 hour Vets plus nurse

Low Cost Vaccination Clinic for the community

24 hour physician on duty and nurse

Exercise room 5 treadmills plus water cooler and weight sets

Fitness Instructor for Yoga, Stretching and Aerobics classes to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Break room with TV filled with healthy snacks and drinks and comfortable lounge chairs to relax and also mingle with other guests.

Hibachi style dining room for eventful dinners for our guests

Regular Dining Room tables and seating with guests being served by our volunteers

2 Shuttle buses to take our guests to their appointments when they need them including to their new homes.

Conference Rooms and Meeting rooms to be able to meet with potential landlords in our facilities a meet and greet.

and when our guests are going out in the city for a day of shopping or entertainment we will be purchasing food trucks for hot sandwiches so they can eat for free during the day as well in the different parts of the city. These food trucks also serve homeless that don’t qualify to enter shelters due to lack of Drivers License or other forms of ID. And this will educate the regular citizens through brochures we hand out to make them aware of the homelessness and what it causes and how we can make the communities safer for all .

We will have Valet services from the moment you enter our facilities like in a boutique hotel to make you feel that you are beginning a new life that will only get better with our help to bring you where you need to go into your own homes one day.

We will provide all new renters a complimentary interior designer to assist with purchasing and decoration of your new apartment

Once you have completed the program we will continue up to 5 years with a social worker by your side to make certain you don’t fall through the cracks again.

We will do open house 2x per month in each of our facilities for a meet and greet of the community /community leaders to see that the people down on their luck are like you and me and not to feel threatened due to this stigma in the media.

We will try to get all our facilities with free parking on premises with 24 hour security

We want to have a garden space for you to be able to offer in the summer BBQ food and music as well as open air movies for your pleasure.

We will do aerobics in the garden on nice days to get you physically fit for your new lives.

We will bring in Chase and Citibank to discuss : budgeting, credit scores, saving for a new home of your own to make you understand how the financial system works