International menus for our shelter guests to try foods from the whole world

We will also be offering cooking classes to our guests so they can cook this delicious food in their new home.

Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse type of eating at our shelters

German Oktober Fest Event for our clients to experience

Middle Eastern Food for our shelter clients

Korean Healthy foods we will be serving our clients

Chinese Food We will be Serving our guests in our shelters

Mexican Food we will serve our shelter clients

Italian Home Cooking for our shelter clients

Greek Food Delicacies for our shelter clients

Vietnamese Delicacies for our shelter guests

Indonesian Delicacies for our shelter guests

Thai Menu for our Shelter Guests

Argentinian Delicacies we will offer our shelter clients

American Traditional BBQ

Jamaican BBQ Foods

We will be preparing special holiday meals for our guests so that they won’t feel they are missing out on the special moments of the year. We want to make them as comfortable as possible on their journey to their new lives with our assistance